Prefabricated Utility Cupboards

An innovative, packaged solution for the residential market

Our Prefabricated Utility Cupboards (PUCs) offer a complete packaged solution for the residential market. Each unit comes fully fitted, pre-tested and ready to install on-site, complete with Heat or Cooling Interface Unit, MVHR and all associated pipework and electrics, installed to specification.

Through in-house BIM Integration our design teams will coordinate with the site wide apartment layouts and associated incoming services to refine and standardise the PUC layout, helping to maximise the benefits and commercial benefits of an offsite, prefabricated solution.

In addition to our ‘standard’ PUC offering, we offer a range of tried and test PUC innovations, which further help to maximise the benefits of prefabricating the PUCs offsite. These innovation include but are not limited to: recessed and pre-wired electrics; bunded floors, worktops; and ceilings.

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Prefabricated Utility Cupboards

PUC Components:

  1. Heating / Cooling Interface Unit
  2. Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Unit (MVHR)
  3. Acoustic Attenuators
  4. UFH or Radiator Manifold (Optional)
  5. Adjustable Feet & Removable Caster Wheels
  6. Consumer Unit
  7. Comms Enclosure
  8. Ceiling Panel
  9. Pipework / Ductwork
  10. Worktop
  11. Dividing Wall
  12. Allocated space for Washing Machine
  13. Allocated space for Drying Machine
  14. Bunded Floor

** Additional equipment available at request

Applications of Prefabricated Utility Cupboards

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