Air Source Heat Pumps

Commercial & Industrial Scale Air Source Heat Pumps

Alternative Heat have direct OEM supply agreements with market leading ASHP suppliers, offering highly efficient (>4 COP, EN14511) heat pumps, up to 500kW for a single unit, with cascading available for up to six heat pump units, for larger district heating and higher heat load applications.

The range of heat pumps available in 2 pipe, 2 + 2 pipe and 4 pipe versions, are able to produce water up to 65°C and operate down to -20°C ambient temperature. We can also offer a combined ASHP and water to water source heat pump solution, wherby the source temperature is increased by the ASHP to produce water at high or very high temperature, up to 78°C.

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Utilising our combined expertise and experience in both the renewable energy and offsite fabrication industries, we are a market leader throughout the UK and Ireland in the provision of turnkey, prefabricated, offsite heat pump plantroom solutions.

Utilising our inhouse Design, BIM, Engineering, Fabrication and Contracts teams, we offer a wide range of prefabricated heat pump solutions from large scale heat pump energy centres, supplying district heating networks, to skid-mounted heat pump solutions, which in turn are commissioned and maintained by our dedicated field and commissioning engineers.

Air Source Heat Pumps

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