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Alternative Heat has a direct supply agreement with Rhoss, a cornerstone in the commercial heat pump sector. Founded in 1968, Rhoss has played a pivotal role in providing climate solutions, boasting a substantial 90,000m² purpose-built Factory and R&D facility in Codroipo, Italy. Offices, warehouses, and trade partners are strategically located throughout the UK and Europe, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation. In a significant development in 2019, Rhoss became part of the NIBE Group, an influential entity with a rich history in providing high-end, eco-friendly solutions.

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The Rhoss range includes Low GWP Water Source Heat Pumps capable of producing 80°C, ranging from 20kW to over 5MW from a single unit. All units can be installed in a cascade of up to 10, providing larger outputs while still achieving High COPs. Available with both Screw and Scroll Compressors, these units are quiet and are ideal for Ground Loops, Borehole Source or as part of a Two Stage configuration. As standard, we offer a comprehensive Design and Commissioning service with all of our Heat Pumps.

Water Source Heat Pumps

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