Alternative Heat offer a wide range of Offsite Fabrication Solutions for the commercial, industrial and residential markets, including Packaged Plant Rooms for various technologies, Plant Skid Modules, Multi-Service Modules and MEP Utility Cupboards

Offsite Fabrication Packaged Plantroom

Turnkey Packaged Plantrooms for Commercial and Industrial applications for various types of plant including; Biomass, Gas, Oil, CHP, Heat Pumps.

Offsite Fabrication Plant Skid Modules

Bespoke skid mounted solutions, from skid mounted pumping units to large scale full plantroom skid solutions constructed in modular form.

Full Multi Service Modules fabricated offsite inline with approved drawings, ideal for laterals, risers and full plantrooms.

Packaged solution for the residential market; coming fully fitted with HIU or CIU, MVHR and associated piping, manifolds and electrics.