Mater Hospital

1.9MW Battery Storage solution providing back-up electrical supply

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1.9MW Battery Storage Plantroom

Project Overview

Alternative Heat were engaged to design, fabricate and deliver a battery storage solution for the Mater Hospital providing instantaneous back-up electrical supply in the event of power failure, covering the lag period before the site’s generators become operational.

Energy storage equipment fitout within the plantroom included 9no. 207kWh battery storage racks, with associated combiner boxes and power conversion system units. To ensure optimum performance and safety, the plantroom was equipped with a multi-point cooling and fire suppression systems, controlled via the system BMS panel.

Alternative Heat designed and built the 12.5m x 3.5m plantroom module, which was located on gantry support frames on the rooftop of the hospital.

The plantroom was designed with certified lifting points for lifting and positioning onto the rooftop, with the plant items coordinated within the plantroom so as to enable an even spread of the 30T weight across the gantry support frame.