Alternative Heat appointed onto the Healthcare and Public Sectors Decarbonisation Framework

9 April 2024

Alternative Heat is pleased to announce our appointment on both new Pagabo decarbonisation frameworks, one dedicated to healthcare with Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) serving as the contracting authority, the second dedicated to all other public sectors, with Kingston upon Hull City Council (HCC) being the contracting authority. Both will run for a period of four years.

The frameworks will offer the NHS and all other public sectors, national decarbonisation solutions, from specialist companies to help deliver on Net Zero targets.

Alternative Heat have been appointed as members across all regions within lots 2 and lots 3, on both frameworks, with the average highest ranking out of all SME’s.

Our Decarbonisation Manager, Ian Goodchild says “Our ranking on these frameworks is testament to the hard work shown across the company, which has been gained from years of experience in delivering decarbonisation solutions, across the NHS and public sector estates”.

We look forward to the exciting opportunities these frameworks will bring and working with Pagabo and its members.

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