Herz Industrial Waste Wood WID Boilers

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About Herz Industrial Waste Wood WID Compliant Boilers

Herz Industrial WID compliant boilers up to 10MW

A Herz standard biomass boiler will be able to burn and process waste wood that is categorised under Grade A and potentially Grade B waste woods (subject to additional emissions controls to comply with permitting regulations). For Grade C and Grade D category waste woods, a Herz Industrial WID Compliant boiler will be required.

To comply with WID regulations, which have now been amalgomated with the requirements of the IED, WID Compliant boilers must be able to maintain combustion gases at a temperature >850℃ for a minimum of 2 seconds. The Herz Industrial boiler range offers WID Compliant boilers, designed bespoke to meet customer and fuel requirements up to 10MW.