Flexible Screw Auger

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About Flexible Screw System

Discharge with a flexible screw is an easy and energy saving solution to empty the fuel store

HERZ offer a variety of solutions to store fuel and to sicharge the fuel to the boiler in various ways. The Flexible Screw sytem allows the discharge screw to be bent towards the boiler so as to transport fuel from the store where a rigid screw would not be possible.

This system is inexpensive to buy and install, extremly quiet during operation and is gentle in transportation of the pellets.

Chute Pipe System

In cases where the storage room is located on a higher floor or area than the boiler room, the flexible screw discharge with chute pipe system can be implemented to transfer fuel from the store to the boiler.

Transfer System

A flexible screw with transfer hopper is a possibilty when fuel needs to be carried over longer distances from fuel store to boiler room. Fuel is transported via 2 flexible screws with intermediate transfer unit to the boiler.