Modular skid-mounted solutions enabling a plug-and-play install


We offer a wide range of skid mounted solutions, from skid mounted heating sub-stations to large scale, full plant rooms, constructed in modular form for ease of delivery and assembly on site.

Our bespoke Plant Skid Modules come complete with anti-vibration mounts, all associated mechanical pipework, including insulation and valve jackets, and all associated electrical works, providing a prefabricated, plug-and-play solution.

All skids are QA Checked and FAT tested offsite, ensuring a high quality solution, enabling reduced time onsite and a reduced construction programme.

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Applications include:

✅ Low Temp Hot Water (LTHW)

✅ Medium Temp Hot Water (MTHW)

✅ Steam Generation

✅ Chilled Water (CHW)

✅ Process Water

✅ Battery Storage


✅ Low Voltage Switchrooms (LV)

✅ Medium Voltage Switchrooms (MV)

✅ Oxygen Generation

✅ Pump Stations

✅ Bespoke Applications

Plant Skid Modules in Fabrication Facilities

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