MEP Utility Cupboards

About MEP Utility Cupboards

An Innovative Residential solution.

Our NEW MEP Utility Cupboards offer a complete packaged solution for the residential market. Each unit comes fully fitted, pre-tested and ready to install on-site, complete with Heat or Cooling Interface Unit, MVHR and all associated piping, manifolds and electricals installed to specification.

The MEP Utility Cupboard provides one of the highest quality products suitable for residential applications with mechanical and electrical elements recessed and flush mounted where applicable, minimising ingress within the internal cupboard space and providing an appropriate finish for modern apartments.

This factory built product is an ideal solution for the challenges that come with large residential developments. This product is designed to meet spacial constraints, vastly reduces project programme with mass offsite production and reduces project co-ordination across multiple trade services with a complete offsite manufactured product ready for installation.