Coordinated and BIM integrated MEP distribution modules

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  • MEP Riser Module Installation

MEP Lateral & Riser Modules

Our prefabricated MEP Lateral & Riser Modules, designed and fabricated in modular form within our offsite fabrication facilities, offer an ideal solution for mid to high-rise residential, commercial, industrial and data centre builds for mechanical, electrical and public health services distribution.

Through integration with the Federated BIM model, our inhouse mechanical, electrical and BIM teams will fully design the prefabricated lateral and riser modules, reviewing coordination of the associated MEP services and integration with the structure, for ease of installation and fixing of the modules on site.

BIM integration and coordination, enables continuous review by our inhouse teams, our client and the MEP consultant, helping to determine any co-ordination or clash detection issues prior to fabrication.

We provide full structural loading and lifting calculations, which we use to determine lifting and fixing points for each module. We also carry out expansion calculations and can determine the requirements for and allow for integration of expansion bellows within our modules.

Close integration with the structural sub-contractors allows for fixings for our prefabricated modules to be pre-cast into the slab, or where the design allows, enables our modules to be delivered to site already fixed to the pre-cast slabs, helping to reduce build programme and onsite labour.

In addition to our ‘standard’ lateral and riser module offering, we can integrate tried and tested innovations, which help to maximise the benefits of an offsite approach. These innovations include but are not limited to: GRP flooring and kick plates at each floor level within the riser modules and; offsite installation of insulation and valve jackets on all pipework within the lateral and riser modules.

During the fabrication stage, each module goes through rigorous QA checks, with pneumatic testing, electrical dead testing and client witnessed FAT testing at the end of the production line, prior to preparation for dispatch. In doing so, we ensure each module is of the highest possible quality and fully QA checked prior to arrival on site.


  • MEP Lateral Modules
  • MEP Lateral Module Install
  • MEP Laterals being fabricated

Mechanical Riser Applications:

✅ Low Temp Hot Water (LTHW)

✅ Chilled Water (CHW)

✅ Boosted Cold Water (BCWS)

✅ Soil Vent Pipe (SVP)

✅ Rain Water Pipe (RWP)

✅ Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

✅ Rain Water Pipe (RWP)

✅ Sprinkler Pipework (SPR)

✅ Gas Pipework

✅ GRP Grid Flooring

✅ Bespoke applications upon request

Electrical Riser Applications:

✅ Cable Baskets & Trays

✅ Metering (Electrical & Water)

✅ Consumer Units

✅ Distribution Boards

✅ ATS Boards

✅ EMS Panel

✅ Comms Rack

✅ Electrical Wiring & Equipment

✅ Light Fixtures

✅ GRP Grid Flooring

✅ Bespoke applications upon request

M&E Laterals Applications:

✅ Low Temp Hot Water (LTHW)

✅ Chilled Water (CHW)

✅ Boosted Cold Water (BCWS)

✅ Sprinkler Pipework (SPR)

✅ Fire Alarm Trunking

✅ Cable Tray

✅ Optical Basket

✅ Hyperoptic Basket

✅ BT Fibre Basket

✅ BMS/EMS Basket

✅ Bespoke applications upon request

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