Sycamore House 400kW - Gas Modular Skid

Gas Skid

Client: Cardiff Council

Location: Cardiff

Date of Installation: May 2016

Contract Value: £357k

System Overview

Sycamore House is a tower block of flats consisting of 10 floors with 50 flats and dates from 1968. Alternative Heat were appointed to install an upgraded Gas Modular communcal heat system composing of 4No. 100kW wall mounted condensing boilers.

We removed the redundant boiler from the existing plantroom and prepared the area for the installation of the new plant and equipment. The existing heating system was maintained throughout installation phase causing minimal disruption. Balance of plants consists of boiler shunt pumps, variable temperature circulating pumps, pressurisation unit and new control panel and BMS. A buffer vessel was supplied for domestic hot water peak load requirements, initially sized at a minimum of 1.25 litres.

From the plantroom there is a new twin flow and return distribution circuit installed throughout the block. The intention is to utilise the drying areas within the building on each floor as a 'riser' for the main flow and return pipework, with branches on each floor to serve the flats. These branches will be surface run at height, and boxed in. Termination outside each flat will be via ball isolating valves.

In addition to the division of the heating circuits, we installed heating packs within each property to allow more control over heat provision within the flat. We fitted 1no. 2 port valve within each property along with associated timeclock and room temperature sensor. This allows the tenant to determine if they want heat or not instead of relying on thermostatic radiator valves.

On a floor by floor basis once the new system was fully installed, tested and commissioned, existing flat heating systems were decommissioned and replaced by new heating and DHW provision. There was a Heat Interface Unit installed in each flat. Flats also have new hot water pipework and this provides mains pressure hot water to each flat.