Brentwood Court 320kW - Gas Modular Skid

Gas Skid

Client: Cardiff Council

Location: Cardiff

Date of Installation: September 2017

Contract Value: £338k

System Overview

Brentwood House is sheltered housing accomodation, it has 35 flats including 5 bedsits, 29 one bedroom flats and 1 two bedroom flat. Alternative Heat were appointed to install a modernised gas system replacing the aging heating system previously here.

We first carefully reviewed the existing mechanical layout within the building and suggested a new district heating network be installed throughout the building which would lend itself to a more efficient operation and secure constant heat provision to each individual property when required. We felt DHW supplies to the property were satisfactory within the building however an upgrade to the DHW storage facility was required and we installed a new 2000ltr calorifier.

We installed a new primary flow and return network from the boiler house, rising into the roof space and running throughout each first-floor flat and terminates in the ground floor. Roof spaeces were very small and tight in areas and the building was overall awkward to get a straight route for the new district heating so we included for pipe boxing and additional access hatches in locations throughout the building where we felt it was required to get the new district heating lines installed.

In addition to the division of the heating circuits, we installed heating packs within each property to allow more control over heat provision within the flat. We fitted 1no. 2 port valve within each property along with associated timeclock and room temperature sensor. This allows the tenant to determine if they want heat or not instead of relying on thermostatic radiator valves.

The common areas are fed from a direct supply of the primary heating circuits. New radiators were installed with associated thermostatic rad valves and we installed zone valves on the 2no larger communal area to offer local time and temperature control over these areas. Completion times from start to finish was approx. 9 weeks with minimal disruption to the tenants and constant heating within the building. This is maintained via use of wall hung temporary gas boiler.