Brookvale Recreation Centre 800kW - Herz Biomass

Herz Biomass

Client: Halton Borough Council

Location: Runcorn, Cheshire

Date of Installation: April 2014

Contract Value: £420k

System Overview

Alternative Heat were principle contractor for the Brookvale Recreation Centre project in Halton. This project was carried out at Runcorn, Cheshire beginning on 3rd February and finishing on 30th April 2014.

The new heating system now consists of a Biomass Energy Cabin comprising of 800kW Herz BioFire boiler and a 580kW gas condensing boiler. The Biomass boiler is the primary source to the building with the gas boiler providing backup.

The project also involve mechanical and electrical works within the existing buildings which were operational throughout the duration of the contract so we prepared detailed proposal for out of hours shutdowns to ensure these works caused minimal disruption to the ongoing operation of the site and everyone was aware of the works in advance of them taking place.

A full controls strategy was designed for Brookvale Recreation Centre. This strategy was specifically designed to meet the heating needs of the building and ensuring a smooth integration of the biomass boiler and the gas boiler back up.