Royal Hospitals2.4MW - Packaged Plantroom

Packaged Plantroom

Client: Belfast Health & Social Care

Location: Grosvenor Rd, belfast

Date of Installation: Nov 2017

Contract Value: £270k

System Overview

The Royal Hospitals is a group of main specialist hospitals in Northern Ireland as part of the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust. These four linked hospitals - General and Specialist hospital, Maternity, Sick Children and Dental are all located local within a 70 acre site. Alternative Heat were involved in design and installation of a packaged plantroom and LTHW heating network that would connect to the hospital's main plantroom.

We were employed to complete the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a 2.4MW Oil Boiler system. The overall plant included 4No. 600kW ICI Caldaie Oil Boilers, a new BMS controls system, oil meters, heat meters, dirt air seperators, expansion vessels and pressurisation unit. All plant was assembled offsite within a weathertight prefabricated plantroom enclosure.

The remote access facility available through the BMS system enables our dedicated service & maintenance team to continuously monitor the ongoing operation of the complete system. This allows the control strategy to be analysed to ensure that the oil boiler system is delivering to its maximum output and efficiency.

On contract completion, we carried out a client demonstration and training to authorised personnel onsite to provide essential information on the daily running and maintenance of the installed plant. We now provide a 24 hour, 365 days a year direct link to provide advice or technical assistance immediately via telephone call to discuss standard plantroom procedures or faults that may occur and provide programmed maintenance services for the new oil boiler system.