Fairburn House 199kW - Herz Biomass

Herz Biomass

Client: Clifford Davison

Location: Muir of Ord, Highlands

Date of Installation: Feb 2013

Contract Value: £135k

System Overview

Fairburn House Nursing Home recently undertook an upgrade to their heating system to reduce their running cost and avail of the RHI grants available. This nursing home is owned and operated by the Clifford Davison and accomodates 40 residents.

Alternative Heat was employed as part of this innovative refurbishment to design, supply and install a 199kW Biomass Energy Cabin.

The Biomass Energy Cabin comprised of a 199kW biomass boiler installed in a modified boiler house container complete with a 20 tonne wood pellet fuel store incorporate within a container, wood pellet augers, plate heat exchanger, pressurisation unit, pumps and 3 port valves, mechanical pipework inside container leaving connections with connections to existing heating circuit, internal energy cabin lighting and electrics, energy cabin insulation, remote access panel within boiler controls for remote monitoring, 6500ltr buffer tank complete with jacket, boiler control and associated wiring within container.