Caol Campus 500kW - Herz Biomass

Herz Biomass

Client: The Highland Council

Location: Fortwilliam, Scotland

Date of Installation: Sep 2015

Contract Value: £270k

System Overview

Caol Campus is a new purpose built primary school, joint campus and community building in Caol. The innovative Caol scheme invloves the demolition of Caol Primary School and Caol Community Centre and the construction of 2 new buildings.

As part of the project, Alternative Heat were employed to manufacture a new state-of-the-art Biomass Energy Cabin to provide heating to these facilities. The new schools are expected to open in February 2016. Alternative Heat were appointed to design and supply, install and commission a 500kW Biomass Energy Cabin with a 30 Tonne fuel store and provisions were made for bin storage and sprinkle tank to supply the school and community centre.

The Biomass Energy Cabin was 18m x 7.6m. All fabrication was completed in Castlewellan, Co.Down and transported in 4No. sections to site for commissioning and integration into the existing heating system.