Jeremy Hobson Poultry House 700kW - Herz Biomass

Herz Biomass

Client: Jeremy Hobson

Location: Eglish, Dungannon

Date of Installation: November 2014

Contract Value: £302,400

System Overview

With replacing the existing direct fired gas blowers we provided a healthier environment for the poultry farm, improving the welfare of the birds, as biomass boilers are not dependant on O2 from within the sheds for combustion and do not emit CO2 directly into the sheds as would be the case with the direct fired gas blow heaters. This reduction in CO² means that the poultry house requires less ventilation and therefore reduces the level of heat loss ensuring the heating demand can be satisfied in the most economical manor.

Alternative Heat was employed to carry out the design and installation of a new biomass heating system to satisfy the full heating demand of 7 individual poultry houses. Alternative Heat connected the 7 No. biomass boilers into separate hydraulic systems, with individual heat meters and heating lines, allowing the client to apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive for the separate heating systems. Alternative Heat supplied the appropriate controls to enable the client to monitor the supply and control of the heat within the sheds.

The 7 No. installations have been RHI accredited and deemed as simple installations therefore independent heat meter reports were not required. Alternative Heat have liaised closely with the client for each installation as it was critical the onsite works were carried out to suit the exact cycles of moving fully grown birds out of the sheds and replacing with a new crop of chicks.

Alternative Heat provide a direct link for the client to advise or provide technical assistance to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the boilers and the heating systems. Alternative Heat provide the client with servicing and maintenance as it is critical to supply the sheds with a constant heating demand 24 hours a day.