Better Health at Work Initiative

Posted on 13 Sep, 2016

As part of our Better Health at Work Initiative and to demonstrate our corporate social responsibility to our staff, Alternative Heat invited the Action Cancer team to come along once again to provide occupational health screening.

Action Cancer's M.O.T health checks involve a number of assessments including cholesterol, blood glucose, body composition, blood presssure, facial skin analysis and peak flow measurements.

Information is also provided on the signs and symptoms of gender specific cancers. Health aand lifestyle advice is discussed including reducing alcohol intake, healthy eating and being physically active. We will be continuing our Better Health at Work Initiative with the aid of Health Matters Newry Health and Wellbeing Support Service who provide mentoring and support from an experienced Workplace Health & Wellbeing Coordinator.

As part of this programme we will continue to monitor staff health & wellbeing needs. This will be followed by health promotion sessions focusing on identified employee needs.

We will also be giving advice on the following: