Modular Units

Modular Cabins

Fully assembled, prefabricated heating system.

We supply modular cabins that contain the boilers BMS controls, fuel store and all pipe works and electrics. The cabins are fully assembled in our fabrication warehouse, delivered to site and “plugged in” to the existing heating system with minimal time and disruption required on site.

Modular Cabin

Modular Skids

Accelerated delivery with Highest Quality

We provide modular skid mounted units which are fabricated and assembled in our warehouse and delivered and positioned on-site. The skid mounted units help accelerate delivery programmes whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Modular Skid

3D Coordinated Design

Market leading software to create market leading systems.

Here at Alternative Heat our design team have the resources along with the skills to provide our clients with a fully coordinated 3-D solution, using the latest market leading REVIT software.

3D Modular Cabin Design