Off-Site Fabrication


  •  Prefabricated


    Our off-site MEP Prefabricated installations are proven to provide a

    rapid, cost effective and quality assured alternative to traditional construction

    for all types of public and private sector building services installations.

    Their benefits include;


    Our in house design team combines expertise in IT, mechanical and electrical services

    to provide unrivalled knowledge and skill,

    allowing us to deliver successful bespoke containerised solutions”


  • Applications

    Our Qualified and experienced team provide each of our clients with a time efficient

    Turnkey ‘plug and play’

    ready solution for the following applications

    Oil   Gas   C.H.P   Biomass   Geothermal

    For each project we offer:


    . We have manufactured and installed hundreds of our specially designed prefabricated solutions throughout the UK and Ireland

View Our Successful Pre-Fabricated Installations


        Gas and Oil                                  CHP Energy Centres                               Electrical Switchgear                                  Biomass Boilers

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Skid Mounted Units

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