Service & Maintenance


  • Millbrook S&M

  • Highland Council S&M

  • Argyll And Bute S&M

As a company we have total confidence in our systems, but also realise that continued on-going support for the whole life of the product is as important as the initial installation and commissioning. For this reason our fully trained engineers carryout response maintenance and service contracts and we also operate telesales support for diagnosing faults and answering customers queries.

Fuel Delivery

Our Fuel Stores come with built in level sensors, allowing us to know when your fuel store is low on fuel and therefore know when a load of fuel needs to be ordered. This allows the boilers to continue to operate without the customer being hassled to check the level of the fuel store and placing orders themselves.

ISTA MinuteView

ISTA MinuteView gives you complete visibility and control of your buildings energy data 24/7, in real time. With this package we can monitor all the ongoings of your systems, including; Total Heat Load, Energy Consumption, Systems Faults, Sensor Details and more! The MinuteView system is very flexible and user friendly and is optimised for use on Tablets and SmartPhones.