About Alternative Heat



“Alternative Heat is an innovative and influential leader in the sustainable energy market, meeting the rising renewable energy demand: providing clean, renewable energy heating systems to consumers”



Alternative Heat Ltd was established in 2003 by the McMullan Brothers. With a high level of knowledge on renewables , they were keen to explore other systems and gain a better understanding of how they could be developed and integrated in place of existing fossil fuel alternatives.

We specialise in the design, installation, commissioning and on-going service and wood fuel supply of renewable heating systems such as:


Biomass Boilers

Biomass Energy Cabins

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

Solar Panels

Underfloor Heating


Since this time, we have rapidly developed our team and on-going research to become one of the leading MCS registered suppliers and installer of renewable heating system throughout the UK and Ireland.

We are now the preferred and approved renewables sub-contractor for a number of large M&E companies, construction companies, large business and local councils which has contributed to our continued growth and success

We have remain steadfast in out commitment to renewables and our customers providing ourselves in consistently providing only the best quality of service and workmanship.



Over 80 Staff members comprising of the following: Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Site Operatives, Skilled Trades Health and Safety, Business and Technical Support, BIM CAD Design, Commissioning Service and Maintenance



We have offices in Northern Ireland, Glasgow and Inverness and London



With 14 years experience in the Building services and Renewables industry, we have developed extensive knowledge with a portfolio of high quality projects



Over 500 installations completed throughout the UK and Ireland a present

“We are lucky to have a very dedicated team at Alternative Heat who approach every project with the objective of providing the best possible solution to the highest possible standard. The continued growth of our company over the last 14 years is testament to the dedication of the team and the high quality service we provide.”

– Connel McMullan, Managing Director